Types of Yoga Explained

Yoga is a restorative and calming form of exercise that offers numerous benefits, including strengthening and toning the body and calming the spirit and mind. This type of exercise is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the business world as it allows the user to calm the mind and focus internally.

Yoga offers a number of benefits, including fatigue relief, mood improvement, and more. Those who practice yoga experience relief of arthritis, PMS, and back pain. Finally, yoga can help improve mobility problems and is beneficial to those suffering from stress-related illnesses.There are many types of yoga; each one is different than the other. Continue reading to learn more about the different forms of this ancient practice.

Before you begin practicing yoga, you should decide why you want to practice yoga. This will help you determine which type of yoga will be the best for you. No matter the type of yoga, the principles are the same- relax, focus on your inner being and stretch. You will be rewarded with a relaxed, healthier body.

– Hatha Yoga –

Hatha yoga is yoga that is based on controlled stretching. It helps to create a more flexible spine. This yoga is perfect for everyone, no matter their fitness level.

– Vini Yoga –

Vini yoga is very gentle and is especially beneficial for the elderly. This type of yoga is taught on a one on one level. It helps improve mobility, flexibility and balance.

– Iyengar Yoga –

Iyengar yoga focuses on the participant’s posture and helps to realign the spinal column. This type of yoga utilizes blocks and ropes to strengthen and tone the body.

– Sivananda Yoga –

Sivananda yoga is suitable for all ages and uses a variety of yoga poses. Some of the poses are quite simple while others are more complex.

– Ashtanga Yoga –

Ashtanga yoga is also known as power yoga. This type of yoga is very demanding and should only be practiced by those who are physically fit.

– Raja Yoga –

Raja yoga, also known as royal yoga, involves training the mind to connect with the practitioner’s life force.

– Dru Yoga –

Dru yoga is a type of yoga that relies on breath work to calm the body and mind.

– Jnana Yoga –

Jnana yoga focuses on the philosophical aspects of yoga. This type of yoga is very meditative and spiritual.

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